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Sugared Scrub (8oz)


Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliation is inevitable for skin. Naturalee Sugar Scrubs not help in giving your skin a pleasant fragrance or silky smooth makeover; but also you lather on Vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate your body in major ways. It helps in eliminating wrinkles; minimizing cellulites and also deep cleansing with infused moisturizing that provide a youthful glow. Moreover, it is packed with all-natural and organic ingredients that keep your skin naturally healthy.

Renew Your Skin with Naturalee Sugar Scrubs

Naturalee Sugar scrubs are specially formulated with all-natural and organic ingredients including organic brown sugar, organic sugar, pink Himalayan Sea salts, Subsea Salts, essential oils and sweet almond oil. It is available in 8 ounce plastic jar to give you a pleasurable revitalizing experience.

Ingredients with Multiple Advantages

Subsea salt removes dead skin cells and other impurities while sea salts and lavender are perfect PICs for skin infections and eczema. Naturalee Sugar scrubs has free-radical fighting powers that help equalize your skin tone and bust everything from blemishes to wrinkles. Brown sugar is a wonder ingredient in this antioxidant enriched scrub. It not only reinvigorates your senses, but also lightens and brightens your skin. Pink Himalayan sea salts are found to be very effective in minimizing cellulite.

We have paired these effective ingredients with creamy almond and coconut oil. This super gentle scrub has enormous restorative powers packed with essential oils and vitamins which can help reverse skin damage. Soothing and giving your skin a natural glow, along with unclog pores.

Rejoice a stay-at-home Spa Day with your Gal Pals

Yeah! Nothing is better than giving yourselves a spa luxury at home while your best friends celebrate a beauty night at your home.

Why Naturalee Sugar Scrubs are Way Better than Others

Naturalee Sugar Scrubs are better than those expensive sugar scrubs available in department stores and spas, the reason? No harsh additives as Naturalee sugar scrubs are a simple, beauty recipe with countless variations provided according to skin textures and tones. They are incredibly moisturizing and revitalizing to the skin.

In order to keep all toxins out of your beauty regime, Naturalee sugar scrubs is worth a shot to add handmade personal care beauty products without harming your skin natural beauty.

Directions for Best Results

After getting in the shower, take out a spoon size portion of scrub on your hand, loofah or sponge. Gently massage it all over your body in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. You will feel the scrub working with its exfoliation powers as the scrub mashes with your natural oils to bring you a natural glow. Now rinse your body and let it dry naturally. It is highly recommended to NOT put any lotion, butters or oils after scrubbing. Now, you are ready to rejoice with a silky smooth and younger-looking skin.

User Alert –Naturalee N’Satiable products contain oils so use with caution when entering/exiting the shower/tub. This product should not be used if you have an allergy to fish/shea butter/cocoa butter/fragrance oils or any of its listed ingredients.


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