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Naturalee Bubble Bath (10oz)


Naturalee Soapy Bubble Bath infused with sweet almond oil, vitamin E enriched Cocoa butter to moisturize, alleviate and condition skin while you relax. To revive your bathing experience we have infused pure botanical extracts, herbal and essential oils for natural fragrance to leave your skin gently perfumed after you towel off.

Naturalee liquid soap is a perfect companion for summertime bath/shower for sure. Our pure natural soapy bubble bath refreshes you with thousands of blissful effervescent bubbles providing long-lasting moisture to your sun kissed skin. Luxurious creamy lather scented with wholesome essential oils invigorates your body with a gentle touch of fragrance.

Treat yourself with a refreshing bath in a steaming tub with luxurious bubbles and get a lavish spa experience right in the comfort of your home. Cocoa butter is a superfood for skin, naturally enriched with vitamins E, A and F. It provides UV protection up to SPF6 and provides moisturizing nourishment with essential nutrients and fatty acids necessary for collagen production.

Active Ingredients

Naturalee Soapy Bubble Bath Cocoa butter, liquid bubbling agent, liquid Castile soap, coconut oil and almond oil May contain dried herbs, food safe coloring, fragrance and essential oils"

Cocoa butters –a great antioxidant source helps combat free radicals and saves from early aging symptoms and other pollutants. Cocoa butter efficiently smoothes down rough and chapped skin tissues leaving super soft and supple feel.

Usage Guidelines

Squeeze Naturalee Soapy Buuble Bath under running fuacet into a warm bath and let it release its nourishing cocoa butter bubbles for deep moisturizing your skin. Essential oils leave your skin wonderfully fragrant and provide aromatic therapy for your perfect bath.

User Alert –Naturalee N’Satiable products contain oils so use with caution when entering/exiting the shower/tub. This product should not be used if you have an allergy to fish/shea butter/cocoa butter/fragrance oils or any of its listed ingredients.


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