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Naturalee N'Satiable signature Bath bombs are the most popular products. Our Bath bombs are a pleasurable experience for your bath time. They are exotically fragrant with natural oils that leave your skin deeply moisturized, soft and healed skin. Soak in with one of our nourishing, frizzing and fluffy organic bath bombs in your bath water and add excitement with the twirling ball of fragrant explode with moisturizing fizz.

Explosion of Excitement

We take Bath time seriously Fun! Our jumbo Bath bomb comes in 5-7 ounces each that bring excitement yet relaxation at the end of the day. Settle in for a good soak, with a unique and luxurious innovation, exploding with essential oils, flower petals and tons of fizzy fun with refreshing herbs.

Unique Ingredients

The colors that are used in our bath bombs are specially formulated so they will not tint your tub and skin. The best part is there would be no oil ring around the tub. Naturalee bath treats invigorates multilayered explosion of color and scents along with benefits of organic Shea butter and organic essential oils with basic ingredients like Baking soda, Citric acid, Epsom salt, Cream of Tartar and SLSA (optional). The other ingredients include herbs, mini soaps, bath melts and Sea salts. With Naturalee Bath bombs you can have an exciting bath without trashing your tub.

Natural fluffy Fun time

Our signature bath bombs are offered with a wide variety of chic colors, shapes and exotic fragrances. Glitters and bubbles modify boring bath time into fun time for children as well. The fun never ends with healthy and all natural products without any harmful chemicals.

Get Refreshed Relaxation

Whether you are trying to add a luxurious spa touch to your bath, want to get de-stress, soak aching and sore muscles or relieve congestion, Naturalee Bath bombs will do the trick! Have a revitalizing bath with our Naturalee Bombed, Bath Fizzie or Bath bomb Cupcake today; we assure you won’t regret it!

Why Naturalee Bath Bombs

Though there is a huge variety in markets that comes with a rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes, as all conventional bath bombs share the same base elements. However, there are several harmful chemicals and colors added not only harm your skin, but the colorants are so low in quality that colorizes your skin also. Also, the aromatics and additives could cause allergies to your skin.

With Naturalee, we assure high-quality and natural ingredients in our all luxurious spa beauty products. We choose the finest ingredients that not only make your bath time a happy occasion, but also nourish your skin to give deep moisturizing experience.

User Alert –Naturalee N’Satiable products contain oils so use with caution when entering/exiting the shower/tub. This product should not be used if you have an allergy to fish/shea butter/cocoa butter/fragrance oils or any of its listed ingredients.

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