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Naturalee Shower Parfait (8OZ)


Shower Parfait

Naturalee Shower Parfait is one of the luxury lines of body care by Naturalee n’ Satiable. It features an amazing duo scrub with our signature sugar scrub ribbons mounded with Shea butter, triple whipped foaming soap, and natural oils, folded in to get this marvelous mixture to provide pleasure in every jar.

Naturalee Shower Parfait is a great alternative to your usual bar soap or shower gel. The luxurious texture with deep cleansing and moisturizing properties will not let you resist. Naturalee Shower Parfait will become your favorite companion in the shower after the very first use.

A small scoop on bath poof or loofah and you will have a mountain of bubbly cleansing goodness.

Naturalee Shower Parfait is formulated with super hydrating natural oils that cleanse your skin while penetrating to moisturize keeping the skin soft and silky smooth. It is provided in 8 ounces of product in a container. We give user preferences with customized scents and jojoba beads to make it slightly scrubby.

All-Natural Ingredients

The product is formulated with all natural ingredients. Organic Shea butter, Coconut oil, Signature special Shea butter foam soap, premium fragrance oils and essential oils to help nourish your skin in dry weather are added to give you pure spa luxury experience. No harsh chemicals are added.

The Luxurious Spa Experience at your home

The experience of taking a shower with conventional soap bars or gel than taking a shower with Naturalee Shower Parfait is like way beyond to pamper yourself with a Spa treatment IMO. The cream is as rich in texture and consistency as whipped butters, lathers like a dream and cleanses without stripping the skin or leaving a greasy residue. The scents used are non-alcoholic and totally non-allergic to normal conditions. Scents are mostly organic essential oils driven to give you a healthy bath experience.

Hassle Free Convenience

Naturalee Shower Parfait is thinner and softer in tub than other conventional infused bath whips. The luxurious spa experience could be felt right in your home with this creamy and foamy revitalizing shower parfait. It is well blended, provided without any chunks of ingredients to make you feel cleaner without any hassle. The labels are plastic so they don’t get peeled in the shower due to steam.

Cleanse & moisturize while you have Fun Bath

Naturalee Shower Parfait offers versatility and true luxury while it cleanses and moisturize simultaneously. The natural formula keeps its PH in a balance for safe use. Embrace the wonderful scents with exotic fragrances. This product is totally free from harmful chemicals such as Paraben and Propylene Glycol.


User Alert –Naturalee N’Satiable products contain oils so use with caution when entering/exiting the shower/tub. This product should not be used if you have an allergy to fish/shea butter/cocoa butter/fragrance oils or any of its listed ingredients.

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