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Self Care Kit

What’s a self-care kit?

Think of it as a box of things and activities that make you feel good. Things that help you unwind, relax; things that make you smile, are comforting and help you clear your mind. It’s a bit more than just your favorite face mask, although an indulgent, multiple-step skincare routine is usually on top of my self-care to do list.

It’s about including more love toward yourself; your body, mind, in your daily routine.

Why do I need one?

I think that everyone should have a little self-care kit, but it’s something that’s especially important to those of us, who sometimes struggle with the entire concept of self-care and slowing down.

Practicing self-care doesn’t always mean taking a day off from work and spending an entire day in a bathtub. It can be something as small as enjoying your favorite cup of tea, or going for a walk or having your lunch outside in nature, during your lunch break. Whenever I stress the importance of self-care to someone, I often hear: “I don’t have time for this“, which is the exact reason why you should treat self-care like any other thing on your do to list, and schedule it in.

Because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Our custom designed self-care kit is a collection of items that provoke your desired feelings.

This is a very personal experience, so I’m not going to provide a prescriptive list for what should go in your self-care kit.

Instead, the first step is to work out what your desired feelings are: what is it you would like to feel or experience after using your self-care kit?

This might include feeling:


Or any other words that are meaningful to you.

The next step is to translate these feelings into actions. What can you do that will help you get to these feelings and experiences?

Here are a few more suggestions to get you started once you receive your kit:

Gentle yoga
Long, hot bath
Quotes or affirmations
Special music
A good book

Your own personal self-care kit might contain all of the above, or it might contain none. Like I said, this is a personal experience, so spend time thinking about how you can re-create your desired feelings with simple every-day items and activities.

Once you have a few ideas about the kinds of things you might want in your self-care kit, start compiling it. Begin simply, and test each individual item out for its effectiveness before adding the next. Sometimes, we think a certain item or activity is going to provoke certain feelings, but it doesn’t. We might expect it to be relaxing and enjoyable, whereas in reality we find it uncomfortable and distracting. Equally, we might experience one activity or item in our kits very differently to how we imagined.

There’s no rush: start small and build your kit over a period of several weeks or months. Schedule time to use your self-care kit, and commit to that scheduled time. Whether it’s 15 minutes when you first get up, or you set aside a whole evening, dedicate time. Listen to how your self-care kit leaves you feeling, and listen to what your gut tells you to add or remove in order to enhance it and make it more effective at meeting your needs.

Why it Works

We help tailor a self care hit that specifically to you and executed on your terms. You’re in complete control over how much time and money you spend on your experience, as well as when you choose to use your kit.

This allows you to experience your desired feelings, set aside time to reconnect with yourself and give your body some TLC, without denying or ignoring other needs you might have, for example a need for financial stability.